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The Problem

Projects can take a long time to get off the ground as project plans take time to be formulated

Project start-ups are almost always long, drawn-out, start-stop processes

Often – especially on large projects – it can be hard to know where to start?

More and more there is urgency to get projects not just started, but done as quickly as possible


The Solution

PM360 Consulting unique “Scoping and Planning a Project in a Day” does exactly what it says on the tin. It enables companies to have their project scoped, plan prepared and project up and running in one day. PM360 Consulting has applied these techniques to a wide variety of projects across multiple industry sectors.


The Results

PM360 Consulting has delivered this concept successfully for clients across a variety of industry sectors.


The Problem

The Special Olympics World Games in 2003 was the world’s biggest sporting event that year. This event was been held in Ireland for the first time in 2003 and nothing like this had ever been attempted in Ireland before.

The Solution

The application of best project management practices was crucial in the planning and execution of the games and this was achieved through Fergus O’Connell’s “How To Run Successful Projects (Ten Steps)” method. Fergus worked with the Special Olympics Team to do the initial scoping and planning of the project.

Then, all the members of the project team were trained in the “How To Run Successful Projects (Ten Steps)” method and then provided with a full-time on-site consultant during the entire lead-up to the Special Olympics Games to act as an independent project advisor.

The Result

The Special Olympics World Games are widely regarded as having been an outstanding national success


The Problem.
A company undergoing growth expansion requires to put in place a best- practice, standard project management methodology and supporting processes.

The Solution.
Individual projects are all unique and because projects can vary widely, a systematic approach to managing and controlling them is necessary. A methodology assessment evaluation of 14 project attributes and development of bespoke solution to deliver a standardised project management methodology. PM 360 consultants provided advisory and consulting services on an interim basis.

The Results.
The company is currently executing the standardised project management methodology and processes across the framework.


The Problem.
Clients often need project management consultancy for short periods of time and at short notice. They are reluctant to call in the big consultancy companies due to cost factors.

The Solution.
Project Management is now regarded as the vehicle that provides the deliverables that create business benefits and values.PM360 Consultancy delivered an advanced PSI assessment analysis, review and recommendations.Consulting services were provided on an interim basis.

The Results.
Application of the ten steps method in delivering business agility, project management consistency and project recovery option


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