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The Importance of Project Management

Project management is the use of specific knowledge, skills, tools and techniques that can deliver many advantages to businesses of all sizes. It gives you repeatable processes, guidelines and techniques to help you manage the people and the work involved in your projects. It can increase your chances of success and help you deliver projects consistently, efficiently, on time and on budget.

With innovation happening more than ever, the new agile project economy requires more and more people across organizations to manage projects successfully. The problem is very few people receive formal training on project management on how to do it.


No wonder 70% of all Projects Fail* Each Year!


Here are 12 reasons that project management is so important for organizations that want to improve their project outcomes and processes for their business initiatives:

  • Align Projects with Business Strategy
  • Clear Focus & Objectives
  • Realistic Project Planning
  • Project Management Leadership
  • Resource Management
  • Risk Management
  • Communication Planning
  • Managing Stakeholders Expectations
  • Probability Success Indicator (PSI)
  • Continuous Oversight
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Lessons Learnt from Project Success & Failures


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The Practice of Project Management

Project management can provide value in the following ways:

  • Clarity on Focus & Objectives
  • Effective Project Planning
  • Stakeholders Win-Conditions
  • Deliver Consistent Results
  • Improved Risk Management
  • Continuous Project Oversight
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Consistent Project Delivery
  • Enhanced Confidence
  • Provide a Competitive Advantage
  • Lessons learnt form Project Failures


PM360 Consulting Promise​

1. Deliver certainty on project outcomes. 

2. Critical management of project performance and risks.

3. Weekly project status reports for clients.

4. Ensure all projects optimise value for money.

5. Deliver successful outcomes that meets client expectations – completed scope within budget and on time.





A leading university in Ireland delivering MBA programmes for business leaders and corporate clients.


To provide a consistent approach for planning and scoping of a strategic leadership project

  • Initially, the participants completed a 2-day workshop on the insights on project management best practices, concepts, and techniques to establish a clear understanding on how to deliver projects consistently.
  • Following on to the next phase the participants completed a 2-day planning and scoping workshop. Scoping and planning a project in a day has three phases: Preparation – Workshop – Completion
  • The objective is to end the workshop with two deliverables – the scope document and the plan. The other is to spend the time as wisely as possible on each day to achieve these two deliverables.

(1) Identify the key people who are needed at the 2-day Scoping & Planning workshop

(2) There is preparation time before the 2-day session. During this, participants essentially prepare some of the input for the two documents mentioned above. This input is then taken and used to create draft versions of the two documents.

(3) During the workshop participants inputs were established and the goal of the project – what would be the best possible outcome to this project? agreed, scoping plan and building the project plan, development of a risk analysis and risk register for the plan.

(4) There is a completion phase where the two documents are finalized and assign next actions.



  • Projects launched in a day. The project is running by the end of the day.
  • There is no quicker and more cost-effective way to begin a project
  • Clear project objectives, project requirements and agreement / buy-in from the stakeholders
  • Accurate estimates upon which firm commitments can be made
  • A clear picture of how the project roadmap will unfold
  • A kick-start to the SLP project.



Applying project management best practices, processes and techniques enables they participants  to scope and plan their strategic leadership project. The participants created a roadmap and an action plan in how to deliver their SLP.




Special Olympics Ireland. The Special Olympics World Games in 2003 was the world’s biggest sporting event that year. This event was been held in Ireland for the first time in 2003 and nothing like this had ever been attempted in Ireland before.


Developing a project roadmap on how to plan and execute the Special Olympics games. Development and training of  400 volunteers  in project management best practices, processes and techniques to provide a consistent approach for the management of  the games.



The application of best project management practices was crucial in the planning and execution of the games and this was achieved through Fergus O’Connell’s “How To Run Successful Projects (Ten Steps®)” method. Fergus worked with the Special Olympics Team to do the initial scoping and planning of the project.

Then, all the members of the project team were trained in the “How To Run Successful Projects (Ten Steps®)” method and then provided with a full-time on-site consultant during the entire lead-up to the Special Olympics Games to act as an independent project advisor.


The Special Olympics World Games are widely regarded as having been an outstanding national success



An industry-leading property development  company in Ireland undergoing growth expansion requires a standard project management methodology and supporting processes.



  • Lack of executive sponsorship
  • Scattered stakeholders and functional silos
  • Budget and time constraints
  • Resource challenges


Individual projects are all unique and because projects can vary widely, a systematic approach to managing and controlling them is necessary. A methodology assessment evaluation of 14 project attributes and development of bespoke solution to deliver a standardized project management methodology.

The results were rolled up into a summary sheet with one line per project, providing senior management with the following key information:

  •                 Project name and objective
  •                 Sponsor and project manager
  •                 Start date, planned and forecast end dates
  •                 Priority (Mandatory, high, medium or low)
  •                 Risk Register
  •                 RAG status
  •                 Trend (i.e. improving or getting worse)
  •                 Budget (actual vs planned)
  •                 Benefit Category
  •                 Commentary

PM360 consultants provided advisory and consulting services an interim basis.


Adopting a standardized approach method to project management gave the company much needed clarity around their business and growth initiatives.  Some projects were stopped to enable others to have a greater share of the limited resources, whilst others were reprioritized.  This resulted in the remaining projects being completed on time and within budget.



International technology company with operations in Ireland, India and USA, 



Project Recovery becomes necessary when an existing identity project is in trouble. This usually means that your project isn’t on track to meet its objectives in terms of quality, schedule, budget, or scope.

Challenges within the project environment were, project not meeting milestones, behind schedule, over budget, project teams not functioning across the three continents and lack of overall project leadership

Initially, an executive briefing was held with the C-suite management team and this is a vital element of any project recovery . Our briefing provide C-suite management and stakeholders with a clear understanding of the project’s status, the reasons for the project’s previous issues, and the steps that will be taken to successfully recover the project. The briefing will also outline the roles and responsibilities of key C-suite management and  stakeholders and provide a realistic timeline and budget for the recovery.

PM360 Consultants carried a project audit/review a detailed analysis of the failing project. We’ll identify the root causes of the project’s issues and evaluate the impact on the project’s goals, timelines, and budget.

We pause and reset the project, getting it back on track. This often involves the development of revised project and resourcing plans, along with the implementation of new processes and procedures.


The Probability of Success Indicator (PSI) is a measurement technique you can take at any point in a project’s life and it tells you how likely or not the project is to succeed. If used at the beginning of a project, it becomes a practical approach / checklist to gauge the probability of success before a project begins. A project recovery analysis can have three possible outcomes: Delivery of the recovery project with major changes in scope, schedule, budget / or termination of the project because its not going to deliver project objectives and business value.

This involved the rescope of project plan, a realistic budget and schedule the allocation of additional resources  and the realignment of stakeholder expectations.

PM360 Consultants  delivered an advanced PSI assessment analysis, project audit and review and recommendations.  Consulting services were provided an interim basis.



Developed a deep understanding of the project issues and delivered  a proven process for recovery. Our approach is based on genuine expertise and leadership and are open and honest, even when communicating difficult information. Implementation of probability success indicator steps in delivering improved business performance, project management consistency and project recovery processes.



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