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PM Workshop




Recent reserach by industry experts across a broad cross-section of industries have estimated that 70 % of all company projects fail. Why? Because companies struggle with determining what is essential to the success of their project and what is not.


Which of the Top 9 Project Challenges do you Face?

1.Poor Communications

2.Disengaged Stakeholders

3.Establish the Goal of the Project

4.Scope Creep

5.Poor C-Suite Executive Sponsorship

6.Confliciting Priorities 

7.Unrealistic Deadlines

8.Insufficent Resources

9.Inadequate Risk Management



PM360 Consulting flagship course teaches a project management method known as “How to Run Successful Projects”- Ten Steps ®. The ten step method is based on over 30 years of research on the best practices of successful projects as against the poor practices of failed projects.

This workshop teaches many techniques that will save you time, effort,resources and money on projects.The course has been taught to thousands of people and the method it describes used on thousands of projects across a cross-section of industries.


The key differentiator in PM360 Consulting Project Management Workshop is that attendees use their own projects as case studies. Thus the course is tailored to each individual attending it and learning everything you need to know to run any project successfully – using the most innovative learning and development practices:

  • Building a real plan for their project
  • Solving real-life problems that apply to them today on their projects
  • Doing “real work”
  • Projects done as quickly and as cheaply as possible
  • Visibility by senior management executives into the status of projects as they are executed
  • Much more predictability in terms of project delivery dates and budgets
  • Build a track record of consistent project delivery
  • How to use the plan as instrumentation to drive the project
  • How to correctly assess the status of the project
  • How to do truthful, accurate and useful status reporting
  • The project manager’s Daily and Weekly routines
  • How to do audits/ post-mortems/reviews at the conclusion of projects
  • How to assess any project using the Probability of Success Indicator (PSI)
  • How to run multiple projects

300 Clients have used the “How to Run Successful Projects” (Ten Steps ®) method to deliver Successful Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

What does PM360 Consulting specializes on?

PM360 Consulting is a company which specialises in Project, Programme & Portfolio Management (P3) solutions and this is widely recognised as one of the pre-eminent business skills of the 21st century.

What is the “Structured Project Management” method – Ten Steps ®?

It is our Project Management method. Ten Steps ® is based on 30 years of research on the best practices of successful projects as against the poor practices of failed projects.

What is the primary benefit of the Strucutred Project Management?

When applied to projects – applying different elements of the product set depending on the circumstances – the product set ensures – guarantees the success of the project.

What are the secondary benefits of the Structured Project Management – Ten Steps ®?

  • It is simple to learn and easy to use • It is applicable to any industry sector and has been used around the world • More successful projects = more happy clients = more business

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