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PM Workshop


PM360 Consulting flagship course teaches a project management method known as “Structured Project Management” or the “Ten Steps”.

This workshop teaches what you need to know to run any project successfully.

Recent reserach by industry experts across a broad cross-section of industries have estimated that 70 % of all company projects fail. Why? Because companies struggle with determining what is essential to the success of their project and what is not.


Which of the Top 9 Project Challenges do you Face?

1.Poor Communications

2.Disengaged Stakeholders

3.Establish the Goal of the Project

4.Scope Creep

5.Poor C-Suite Executive Sponsorship

6.Confliciting Priorities 

7.Unrealistic Deadlines

8.Insufficent Resources

9.Inadequate Risk Management


If you’re projects are behind schedule,over budget and not delivering the scope objectives,there is a better way to solve these challenges.We’ll help you develop leading edge techniques and best practices which you can use immediately in your day job, confidently planning and delivering succesful project outcomes.



This workshop teaches many techniques that will save you time, effort,resources and money on projects.The course has been taught to thousands of people and the method it describes used on thousands of projects across a cross-section of industries.


PM360 Consulting flagship course teaches a project management method known as “Structured Project Management” or the “Ten Steps”.


The  “Structured Project Management” method is based on  over 25 years of reserach on the best practices of successful projects as against the poor practices of failed projects.


Providing business managers, team leaders,project team members or  new members with skills in practical project management is an essential part of their personal development. Those who are equipped to develop, plan and deliver projects have a higher value to the organisation.


How to Run Successful Projects  Workshop includes the following content:

Ten Steps to a Successful Project

Plan the Project

1.Figure out the Project Goal

2.Make a list of all Jobs

3.There must be One Leader

4.Resources – Assign People to Jobs

5.(a) Have a Safety Margin

  • Contingency
  • Risk Management

5.(b) Set the Stakeholders Expectations

Execute the Plan

6.Use an appropriate Leadership Style

7.Knows what’s going on (Tracking the Plan)

8.Tell people what’s going on (Reporting)

9.Repeat steps 1 to 8

10.Do a post mortem (Lessons Learnt)


You will have learnt innovative project management techniques and solutions that will transform the way your company manages projects, enabling you to achieve consistently successful results. 



For companies who have a number of business managers and team leaders who regularly manage projects, why not have a bespoke training course tailored to the experience levels of your people. We’ll help you develop essential project management best practices and techniques that you can use immediately in your day job, confidently planning and delivering projects.


Essential Project Management Workshop includes the following content:

  • Overview of projects and their constraints
  • Project method and techniques
  • Clearly defined deliverables and success metrics
  • Project goal and planning the project
  • Resource availability
  • Management of risks, dependencies, issues and contingency
  • Four parameters and managing stakeholder expectations
  • How to assess the project using the “Probability of Success Indicator”
  • Project controls
  • Adaptable leadership style
  • Project execution and the project managers daily routine
  • Light status reporting
  • Project review and handover

This kind of training has enormous benefits for both the attendees undertaking the training and for the organisation to which they belong:


  • Learn key principles and techniques that deliver project management consistency, predictable and repeatable
  • Make commitments on project budgets, schedules and project milestones with maximum confidence and deliver on these commitments
  • Building a real plan for your project
  • Examining your project specific challenges and solutions to them
  • “Doing ‘real work – working on your own project
  • Clearly defined deliverables and success metrics
  • Creating an action plan that can immediately improve your success


  • Current best practices in managing projects
  • The objectives of each project are clearly defined and linked to the business strategy
  • Much more predictability in terms of project delivery dates and budgets
  • Projects completed as quickly and as cheaply as possible
  • Visibility by senior management into the status of projects as they are executed
  • Has a common language for dealing with projects

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