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PM Workshop



Lead. Achieve. Succeed. 




  • The Strategic Plan identifies the projects which need to be launched and carried out.



  • 2.1 The projects are sized. Two methods of sizing:
  • Simple, Quick & Less Accurate
  • Slower but Very Accurate.
  • 2.2 Based on the resources available, the projects which can be done are identified.
  • 2.3 These projects are prioritized.



Three techniques:

  • The Ten Steps – Steps 1-5.
  • Scoping & Planning a Project in a Day – for mission critical projects.
  • Shortening Projects / Time to Market – for mission critical projects.



Three techniques:

  • The Ten Steps – Steps 6-10.
  • Probability of Success Indicator
    • Simple.
    • Intermediate.
    • Advanced.
  • Organization-wide Tracking & Reporting.


( Fergus O Connell 2023 All rights reserved)



25 years of Advances in Project Management


Project Management Offices

Project Management Software Tools

Professional Certifications

Despite all of This

The Success Rate of Projects

Is Still Under 30%

Why is That?


✔ 70% of all projects fail.

✔ 50% of projects around the world don’t finish on time or on budget.


A Gartner survey shows that the project failure rate is higher with a large budget.


The failure rate of large projects with budgets exceeding US$1 million was found to be almost 50% higher than for projects with budgets below $350,000. The most frequently mentioned causes of project failure are Unclear objectives,lack of executive sponsor,scope creep,poor planning,unrealistic expectations, limited resources,poor communications,lack of transperancy, lack of risk management and not paying attention to project early warning signs.


PM360 Consulting has consulted and delivered projects across a variety of industry sectors – While project management methods and frameworks have matured over time, the demands have increased and so too has project failure rates, estimated by industry experts across all industry sectors to now be at 70%. (PWC, KPMG,GARTNER,4PM,STANDISH REPORTS,FLYVBJERG). 



It doesn’t matter whether you use Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid or other methods – there are certain best practices that are common to all successful projects and certain poor practices common to all failed projects.





Successful Projects


How Experts Manage and Deliver Projects

PM360 Consulting flagship workshop teaches a project management method known as “How To Run Successful Projects”- Ten Steps ®. The ten step method is based on over 30 years of research on the best practices of successful projects as against the poor practices of failed projects.

This workshop teaches many techniques that will save you time, effort, resources and money on projects. The workshop has been taught to thousands of people and the method it describes used on thousands of projects across a cross-section of industries.

PM360 Consulting project management solutions succeed because we follow a proven process – our proprietary Ten Steps® methodology, which is central to all of the services we provide.




1.Establish the Project Goal

2.Make a list of All Jobs

3.There must be One Leader

4.Resources – Assign People to Jobs

5. (a) Have a Safety Margin – Risk Management & Contingency 

5. (b) Set the Stakeholders Expectations


6.Use Appropriate Leadership Style

7.Know What’s Going On – Tracking the Project

8.Tell People What’s Going On – Reporting

9.Repeat Steps 1 to 8

10.Do A Post Mortem – Lessons Learnt


( Fergus O Connell 2023 All rights reserved)


2-day Workshop Benefits:

  • Run any project successfully.
  • Run multiple concurrent projects successfully.
  • Effective project planning and implementation.
  • Managing performance – eight project management functions.
  • Learn techniques and tools that will save you time and money on projects.
  • CARE Approach – delivering business value through projects.
  • Key success factors.
  • Building consistent project delivery.
Participants will learn by:
  • Examining your specific challenges and how to address them.
  • Applying tools and techniques to your real-life projects.
  • Planning part of your own project during the training.
  • Creating action plans that can immediately improve your success.
  • You’d like to do projects better, but you know you don’t need a full-blown project management methodology.
  • You’d like to become better at estimation.
    You have project managers with different backgrounds / styles / experience, and you’d like to have a standard way of doing things – a basic structure which describes what to do and what not to do.
  • Individual people, or the organization as a whole, overcommits.
  • You need to become better at managing scope change.
  • You need to become better at dealing with impossible deadlines.




The cost of running a two day workshop in-house is € 7,950 / US$ 8,950 / £ 6,625 plus travel expenses. This price includes: 


  • Delivery of the 2 day workshop
  • Workshop documentation delivered in advance of the workshop by email
  • Indefinite support to all participants, after the training, by phone or e-mail.


PM Workshop payment fees are payable as follows:

  • 50% prior to the workshop by way of a booking deposit
  • 50% on completion of the workshop plus a separate invoice for travel expenses. This would cover:
  1. Business class air travel and transfers between our instructor’s location and your location
  2. Accommodation
  3. Meals 


Cancellation Policy

In-house workshop, our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Cancellation must be received in writing at least 20 working days in advance of the workshop. In this case, PM360 Consulting will supply a full refund of the booking fee, less 10% administration charge.
  • For cancellation less than 20 working days prior to the workshop, PM360 Consulting will invoice 50% of the full workshop fee.


Project Management Workshops


Instead of the traditional approach to scoping and planning a project – through endless meetings – brainstorming sessions – workshops – review cycles – waiting time on sign off by key stakeholders. Alternatively, we can concentrate all those activities into a one-day focused workshop. The big idea here is that it’s possible to complete projects much more quickly than we do at the moment. By treating each project day as being precious and irreplaceable and you get far more productivity from that day – at the same time avoiding working long hours, burnout and death march projects.



If continuous and sustainable innovation is to occur, then innovation leadership and project management must be married together and with a clear understanding of each other’s roles. Innovation defines what we would like to do and project management determines if it can be done. The marriage also may require that both parties learn new skills and create a corporate culture that supports idea management practices (Harold Kerzner 2019). Executives and project managers have to show leadership in bringing together all the disparate aspects of theory, reality, vision, process, finances, adding value and benefits to create successful outcomes.



Every project is important and every project has risk. Every hour and every euro are the keys to each successful project. Making good decisions that take account of real-world uncertainties can provide a margin of safety and profit. Failing to identify or predict the risks on projects can make or break any company. A project risk analysis and management plan can help avoid any serious issues that manifest on your projects. The PSI is a measurement technique you can take at any point in a project’s lifecycle, and it tells you how likely or not the project is to succeed.  Experience shows that projects are successful when the same nine things are closely observed – the project goal, the project plan (change control, proper estimates, duration and effort) the leader, the availability of people, the opportunity, the risk, the management style of the project manager, the way the project is tracked and reported.



Turn your organizations project management capabilities into a competitive advantage. Whether you are in charge of a team, a department or at enterprise, leadership level, leadership skills are absolutely essential. to sustaining profitable business change. Executive Project Leadership calls for clear communication about goals, responsibility, performance, change management, strategic thinking, expectations and feedback. Our project leadership training offers training for all levels of experience from the aspiring leader to the executive at the c-suite level.



Project Sponsor is highly desirable but not always likely. We advise on  the importance of sponsorship and how to achieve it. Executive sponsors are responsible for initiating, ensuring, approving, and establishing the vision, governance, and value/ benefits realization for the project. Successful executive sponsors build project sponsor capabilities through the ARC Model and 10 actions roadmap.



These workshops are delivered onsite or offsite.


CHF/USD/EUR – For workshop pricing and information, please contact me at


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