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1.Project management training

Accomplish goals faster. Project management training enables you to make the most efficient use of resources to generate the best results in the least amount of time. “Ten Steps” – the first five steps are to do with planning your project and the next five are implementing the plan and achieving the goal.

2.Project performance improvement

Implementation of proven method ten steps, predictive and adaptive agile approaches that improve project performance and deliver sustainable results.

3.Shorten projects / shorten time to market

Shorten time to market. Get your project done in the shortest possible time. The big idea here is that it’s possible to complete projects much more quickly than we do at the moment.

4.Analyze project management processes

Understand if the organisation’s project management processes are optimal and if not, how they can be improved.

5.Strategic project management

The nature of projects. The big problem in project management. The Method – Ten Steps: Steps 1-5 are about planning; Steps 6-10 are about executing the plan. Why planning is so important. Project Probability of Success Indicator (PSI).

6.Scope and plan a project in a day

Scope your project, estimate it accurately, build the plan and get it started – all in a day. Save time, effort, resources, money and gain a competitive advantage.

7.Assess projects and project plans

Assess a project at any point in its life and gauge how likely or not it is to succeed. This is particularly invaluable when your project involves managing subcontractors / outsource vendors.


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8.Rescue projects

Understand why a project/programme may have gone off the rails and what needs to be done to fix it. This is a more rapid recovery approach compared to conventional methods

9.Gauge your organisations project management capability

Measure the health of your organisation by measuring the health of its projects

10.Audit completed projects

Assess a completed project, and extract the key learnings and information required to build a knowledge base of completed projects.

11.Project portfolio planning roadmap

A design strategy that evaluates potential projects and uses the evaluation process to prioritize and manage a portfolio of projects. Ensuring the organization is investing in the right projects and given the right resources to deliver long term sustainable benefits.

12.Commerical management of projects

Successful projects demand strong commercial management and leadership. Project management concepts in delivering key success factors, solutions to implementation challenges, senior executive responsibilities and return on investment.

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