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Project Management Consulting and Training


Lead. Achieve. Succeed.






Experience a fresh way to  manage projects. Reach your business goals with bespoke project management  insights and solutions. Everything you need for project delivery – all in one place.


PM360 Consulting is a project management training and consulting company that partners with executives, project leaders, managers and project teams to ensure their important projects are planned, controlled and delivered successfully.




Whats possible for you,your organization and your people if you improve your project management and leadership skills?


Which of the Top 7 project challenges do you face?


1. Nature of Projects

The nature of projects in the real world. Healthy and unhealthy projects. The BIG problem in project management – The Method. The Ten Steps: Steps 1 -5 are about planning and Steps 6 – 10 are about executing the plan. Why planning is so important? 


2.Poor Communication

Over 90% of a project manager’s time is spent communicating and the way you communicate can affect the success of your project. Learn how to uncover the true cause of your communication challenges and simple techniques to immediately improve your success.


3.Scope Creep

The first law of project management -establish the goal of the project.You might not know what “Scope Creep” is, but we’re sure you’ve experienced it. Scope Creep occurs when more work and expectations are piled on to your original project. That’s usually because the scope of the project wasn’t clear to begin with. Scope creep fits into four distinct buckets: business creep, effort creep, hope creep, and feature creep. If you want to stop scope creep in its tracks, it’s a good idea to learn the difference between all four as well as poor estimaties is another reason why many projects run late, over-budget or leave stakeholders disappointed. Learn tools and techniques to establish the project scope and proper estimaties to set clear guidelines for the project start.


4.Insufficient Resources

Project managers are being asked to do more with less. As “boomers” retire, and the number of experienced workers shrink, clients demand more and resources become stretched. Project management is a problem in supply and demand.  Finding resources to do the work.  Allocating work.  Resource levelling.  Why multitasking is catastrophic for productivity. Optimising the skills in the team. Learn tools and techniques to properly plan your projects and effectively distribute limited resources across the team.


5.Unrealistic Timelines

Unrealistic deadlines. It’s the number one complaint of project managers. This is not surprising, considering deadlines are often established without clarity of the project’s goal or full scope not properly defined. Proper schedule development is both an art and a science. How to put a margin for error into the project plan through the use of contingency and risk analysis / risk management. Learn tools and tehniques to negotiate timelines,mange  stakeholders expectations  and how to resolve conflicits.


6.Conflicting Priorities

Often major challenges combine to create conflicting priorities.When communication is poor and scope creep, when resources are limited and timelines are unrealistic you feel pushed and pulled in a hundred directions.We teach you tools and techniques to plan and clarify priorities.You will learn approaches  on who to have conversations with project managers and leaders in relationship to achieve the project’s goals.


7.Managing Performance

Major challenges in project performance  delivery are with internal roadblocks, people,processes and implementation. You will learn approaches,tools and  techniques to address these challenges. Managing the eight project management functions: stakeholders,scope,organization,quality,cost,time, risks and business value  to undertake projectwork and to deliver the desired performance outcomes at a time and a cost  that provides value for the project sponsor.





2-Day Project Management Training Workshop Dublin City Centre

15 – 16 May 2024


Benefits From The Training Workshop

Grow your project success metrics:

  • Run any project successfully
  • Run multiple concurrent projects successfully
  • Effective project planning and implementation
  • Managing performance – eight project management functions
  • Learn techniques and tools that will save you time and money on projects.
  • CARE Approach – delivering business value through projects.
  • Key success factors
  • Building consistent project delivery


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