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PM360 Consulting flagship course teaches a project management method known as “Structured Project Management” or the “Ten Steps to Project Success”.

This workshop teaches what you need to know to run any project successfully.The powerful and practical hands-on methodology can be learned in our two day workshop and in which you can use immediately in your day job, confidently planning and delivering successful project outcomes.

Recent reserach by industry experts across a broad cross-section of industries have estimated that 70 % of all company projects fail. Why? Because companies struggle with determining what is essential to the success of their project and what is not.

Which of the Top 9 Project Challenges do you Face?

1.Poor Communications

2.Disengaged Stakeholders

3.Establish the Goal of the Project

4.Scope Creep

5.Poor C-Suite Executive Sponsorship

6.Confliciting Priorities

7.Unrealistic Deadlines

8.Insufficent Resources

9.Inadequate Risk Management



This workshop teaches many techniques that will save you time, effort,resources and money on projects.The course has been taught to thousands of people and the method it describes used on thousands of projects across a cross-section of industries.

PM360 Consulting flagship course teaches a project management method known as “Structured Project Management” or the “Ten Steps to Project Success”

The  “Structured Project Management” method is based on  over 30 years of reserach on the best practices of successful projects as against the poor practices of failed projects.

Developed 30 years ago, the proprietary Ten Steps to Project Success dramatically improves how teams define, plan, manage and control their projects or products or services they are working on. The Ten Steps to Project Success offers the best of both worlds. It is a blend of Light Project Management Techniques and Agile that enables clients to complete projects faster and shorten time to market.Our bespoke interactive project management training workshop will give you knowledge,skills and confidence to manage projects successfully.


Plan the Project

1.Figure out the Project Goal

2.Make a list of all Jobs

3.There must be One Leader

4.Resources – Assign People to Jobs

5.(a) Have a Safety Margin

  • Contingency
  • Risk Management

5.(b) Set the Stakeholders Expectations

Execute the Plan

6.Use an appropriate Leadership Style

7.Knows what’s going on (Tracking the Plan)

8.Tell people what’s going on (Reporting)

9.Repeat steps 1 to 8

10.Do a post mortem (Lessons Learnt)


You will have learnt innovative project management techniques and solutions that will transform the way your company manages projects, enabling you to achieve consistently successful results. 


Article written by Padraig Friel 28th October 2021