Turn your organisations project management capabilities into a competitive advantage. Whether you are in charge of a team, a department or at enterprise, leadership level, leadership skills are absolutely essential. to sustaining profitable business change. Executive Project Leadership calls for clear communication about goals, responsibility, performance, change management, strategic thinking, expectations and feedback. Our project leadership training offers training for all levels of experience from the aspiring leader to the executive at the c-suite level.

Executives tend to focus on business goals, project results and return on investment. Project management practitioners focus on tactics, processes, tools, techniques and deliverables. Each profession needs to understand there is a difference between project success and business success:

The Standish Group has been publishing their annual CHAOS report for the past 28 years. The highlight of this report, for many, is the factors which materially influence both the success and failure of (IT) projects.

Since the very first CHAOS report in 1994, the respondents of the survey have consistently ranked user involvement and executive management support as the two top reasons for project success. Conversely, in the latest version of the report (2020), The lack of executive support has been ranked as the fourth most common reason for challenged projects and fifth most common reason for impaired/failed projects. Some of the other factors that can be attributed to executives which ranked in the top ten of both challenged and impaired/failed projects include: factors that can be attributed to executives which ranked in the top ten of both challenged and impaired/failed projects include:

  • Changing requirements and specifications
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Unclear objectives


While the Standish Group’s research focuses on IT projects, research has recognised similar trends across several industries over the past five years, including: information technology, healthcare, engineering, mining, hospitality, construction and retail projects.

Successful projects demand strong commercial leadership from executives and  c-suite senior management.Leadership skills are perhaps the greatest determinant of project success.




  • Role of Executive Project Leadership and Sponsorship
  • Focus on Delivering Value
  • Selecting and Prioritizing Projects
  • Benefits and ROI on Projects
  • Rationale and Business Case
  • Applying the Project Canvas
  • Key Success Factors
  • Agile and Project-Driven Organisation Building Project Success
  • Challenges -Internal Roadblocks,Knowing-Doing Gap & Implementation
  • Understanding Project Success and Failures
  • Executive Project Leadership Roadmap – Actions


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