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Two must-have project management certifications and how to earn them – TechRepublic

Two must-have project management certifications and how to earn them – TechRepublic

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Regardless of the industry, companies ranging from small startups to massive corporations are always on the lookout for talented project managers who can lead teams and exceed goals, and demand for these multifaceted business professionals shows no sign of slowing down despite the tectonic shifts that are taking place in the global economy.

From identifying key problems and building dynamic teams to innovating complex solutions and setting objectives, project managers are the key players in a corporate structure that thrives on efficiency and productivity. And their growing six-figure salaries are a testament to their value. 

But the growing demand for project managers has made competition for the best positions in the field more pronounced, and if you’re interested in either beginning or furthering a project management career you’ll need to have at least one in-demand certification on your resume.

There are countless ways in which adding a project management certification to your list of credentials can have a positive impact on your career. Managers who take the time to earn industry-standard certifications routinely enjoy higher salaries, upward mobility both within and outside of their respective specialty, added job security, and more opportunities for advancement in an increasingly dynamic and evolving economy.

While adding a certification or two to your list of credentials should be a no-brainer, choosing which ones to focus on is admittedly a bit trickier. Each certification offers different benefits depending on your experience, specialization, and professional goals.

The two certifications every project manager needs 

Still, if you haven’t already earned a Scrum or Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, you can call off the search for the latest and greatest industry certification, regardless of your specific career goals and experience level. These two credentials encompass the most versatile and popular elements of project management by combining the field’s primary methodologies and management tactics. The Project Manager’s Essential Certification Bundle Ft. Scrum, Agile & PMP is your one-stop resource for getting started.

Packed with 10 courses and over 25 hours of content, this top-rated training bundle will prepare you to ace the exams for the world-renowned PMP certification along with several Scrum certifications. The instruction is both intuitive and easy to follow regardless of your previous experience, and here’s a taste:

Throughout this course’s expert-led PMP training, you’ll learn how to take control of any project and ensure that every element is delivered on time and on budget. Focussing on the specific topics that the PMP exam covers and pulling its examples from real-word scenarios, this training is also packed with a variety of study aids, exam prep tips, and learning tools that will help you hit your goals and pass the exam with flying colors on your first attempt.


Meanwhile, your Scrum certification prep introduces you to both the Scrum and Agile methodologies. The included lessons will help you approach even the most complex management problems with the confidence you need to get things done. You’ll learn how to eliminate waste, innovate new solutions, take advantage of techniques that will put your team ahead of schedule, and more. All the training revolves around the actual exam you’re preparing for.

Additional training and tools 

In addition to your direct Scrum and PMP exam preparation, this extensive bundle is also packed with resources that will complement your new skills and certifications once you’re in the field.

There’s content that focuses on more advanced Scrum elements pertaining to software development and distribution, a complete Jira Agile training course that will help you get the most out of your Agile projects by implementing various tactical tools, a module that walks you through building real-world projects from scratch regardless of the environment, and training that focuses on using employee narratives to your advantage in order to boost morale and increase efficiency.

There’s even a course that will teach you how to develop a near-perfect memory that will make it easier to instantly recall names, dates, facts, and figures—a necessary skill set for project managers who need to be able to think quickly and clearly on their feet.

Don’t miss out on the best and most lucrative project management positions because you lack the right certifications and training. Boasting over 250k students and counting, the Project Manager’s Essential Certification Bundle Ft. Scrum, Agile & PMP will give you the skills and resources you need in order to succeed, and the entire bundle is currently available for over 95% off at just $49.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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